Learn To Code

Here I will post links and articles to help you learn to code.

Online IDEs:

Test and hone your skills with these online IDEs(Integrated Development Environments).

repl.it – Multiple Languages

repl.it is an amazing site for testing out code in almost any language. It includes powerful tools to help you become a better coder and share your code with other people. You will see me using repl.it to embed runnable code into this website.

JSFiddle – Web Technologies (HTML5)

JSFIddle allows you to test out your front end web development skills.  With support for multiple versions of HTML, CSS, SCSS and languages that compile to JavaScript languages like CoffeeScript, plus an intuitive 4 panel interface, you’ve never had so much web development testing power at your fingertips. It also has a huge list of JavaScript libraries that you can include straight out of the box, or include your own favorites.